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How a Ketra Lighting Control System Can Enhance Your Home

A smart home with a Ketra lighting control system.

Create a More Comfortable and Inviting Space with Ketra Lighting  

Light has the power to make a space feel cold and unwelcoming or warm and inviting. When choosing a home lighting system, you must ensure that it can adapt tothe way you need it throughout the day. A Ketra lighting control system could be the perfect addition to your New Port Beach, CA, home. Ketra by Lutron gives you a better lighting experience and more control over your home. Keep reading to discover the Ketra difference.

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Ketra Natural Light

Natural light makes a space feel more welcoming and comfortable, plus it can also help improve mood and increase productivity. That’s why so many lighting systems try to mimic natural light. However, none of them do it like Ketra. With a Ketra lighting system, you can change the light’s brightness and color, everything from bright whites to warm yellows to deep purples.  

This kind of lighting does wonders to transform your space. Ketra makes it easy to incorporate natural light even in areas of your home without windows. The lighting system changes hue and brightness as the light outside changes. Or, take control of the system with a tap on your smart home tablet or smartphone. Either way, how you interact with your home will change for the better.

Tunable to Any Color

In addition to creating natural light, you can also tune Ketra lights to reflect any color on the color spectrum. Light your home with red and green for the holidays or to match your favorite team’s colors while watching the big game. Ketra will help you level up the events you host with fun colors that set the mood for any party. Plus, if you prefer a setting, simply save it for easy access later.

Total Control

Whether you want to dim your lights or set them to a fun color combo, controlling Ketra is a breeze. Download the HomeWorks app to easily turn your lights on and off, or adjust them using a wall panel or tablet. Ketra can also be integrated into many major home automation systems and connected voice assistants like Alexa. With multiple points of control, you’ll be able to adjust your lights easily whenever you need them.

Trust Atlantic Home Entertainment & Stereo

Atlantic Home Entertainment & Stereo is a certified Ketra dealer serving New Port Beach, CA, and the surrounding areas. We love the Ketra lighting control system and think you will too. That’s why we’re incorporating it into our showroom in January. Stop by to experience the Ketra difference and learn more about other cutting-edge brands, such as high-end Steinway Lyngdorf speakers. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions about Ketra or want to enhance your home lighting, contact Atlantic Home Entertainment and Stereo today!

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