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Audio control

For Audiophiles Who Never Settle

AudioControl makes pristine audio equipment for people who love amazing sound. Experience new levels of audio precision, power and control in your favorite movies and music.

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For Audiophiles Who Never Settle

AudioControl makes pristine audio equipment for people who love amazing sound. Experience new levels of audio precision, power and control in your favorite movies and music.


Immersive AV Processors

Enjoy your favorite content in unrivaled clarity and realism with Maestro X AV preamp processors, which support the latest in audio and video processing technology.
The Next Generation of High-End Processors
Take your movies and music to new heights.

Maestro Series

Maestro X7 | Maestro X9
Experience the highest levels of immersion and detail in all your movies and music. Maestro X 9.1.6 high-performance processors feature a full complement of inputs for connection to the latest AV components, support for cutting-edge AV formats like 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos, advanced room correction technology, mobile streaming support and more.

Immersive AV Receivers

AudioControl’s Concert Series AV receivers are two separates performing as one to deliver the high-end entertainment experience you crave.
The Heartbeat of Your Entertainment
Turn your movie room into a cinephile’s nirvana.

Concert Series

Concert XR-8 | Concert XR-6 | Concert XR-4
Experience the ultimate viewing and listening experience with the Concert XR Series line, which supports the latest AV formats like 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos and provides the horsepower needed to drive today’s most demanding speaker systems. Like AudioControl processors, the Concert Series features advanced room correction technology, mobile streaming support and more.


Every entertainment environment deserves power that’s clean, clear and capable of delivering pristine sonic performances. That’s the promise of AudioControl amplifiers.
Effortless, Efficient & Reliable Power
Enjoy impressively dynamic and detailed audio across all channels.

Power Amplifiers

Savoy G4 | Pantages G4 | Avalon G4
AudioControl power amplifiers deliver authoritative power and pristine audio while providing unparalleled reliability. Each is built on a unique Class H topology, which allows for high performance without generating excess heat. Work with our home theater company in the Corona Del Mar, CA area to pair one with an AudioControl processor or use it as a standalone power amp and configure it for your listening room or multi-channel home theater.

Subwoofer Amplifiers

RS 1000 | RS 500
The RS Series line of subwoofer amplifiers provides the ultimate bass amplification for your home theater, multi-room music system or listening room. Featuring IP and IR control capability, loop outputs with an optional high-pass filter and an award-winning DSP engine that allows for precise calibration and tuning, RS sub amps are a must-have for entertainment systems that demand the best.

Zone Amplifiers

Rialto 600 | Rialto 400 | Bijou 600
Provide greater performance and higher sound quality to your analog and digital music systems with AudioControl 2.1 channel amplifiers that feature a built-in audiophile-grade DAC. These zone amplifiers power speakers of all types and configurations, including low-impedance speakers, upgrading the quality of your TV and gaming setups and digital audio systems like Sonos.

Multi-Zone Amplifiers

Architect Series
The Architect Series amplifiers are among the world’s best-selling multi-zone amplifiers, offering great-sounding audio within the unique application of a whole-house audio system. Choose from two-channel high-current amplifiers or a 16-channel compact multi-zone power amplifier and enjoy AudioControl’s signature reliability, performance and energy efficiency.

Network Amplifiers

The Director Series
Known as the Ferrari of network amplifiers, the Director Series represents the highest-power and most flexible multi-zone amplifiers designed for custom-install projects. These smart, slim and mighty amps put power and control at your fingertips with onboard DSP processing, zone EQ customization, volume control, zone grouping capability and so much more.


From Dynaudio
What about bass? If you want custom speakers for a home theater or listening room, the Sub RCC is a must-have addition to your system. This powerful sub installs in walls and ceilings and features Dynaudio’s Reactance Canceling Configuration (RCC) technology to eliminate vibration in the speaker and the surface it lives in. Experience clear, undistorted bass down to 16Kz. Like all Dynaudio custom speaker grilles, the Sub RCC grille can be painted to perfectly match your walls and ceilings for a seamless finish.

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"I have been a customer of theirs for over twenty-three years. I would highly recommend them for any home theatre and medium to high end audio solution! "

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"They continue to perform for me over and over... I'd recommend them for all your home entertainment and internet equipment. 5 Stars!!"

- Jim L.


"I spent a great afternoon at Atlantic with Tom Farinola and his associates... No rush, no pressure, just facts and performance."

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"I have been working with Atlantic Home Entertainment for years. They are fantastic... I highly recommend them."

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"Great place to get answers to all your audiophile questions. Authorized Focal, Sonos and Steinway dealer."

- Chris B.


"I have always had a wonderful experience with Atlantic. In short: great products and wonderful service."

- Eddie C.


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- John C.

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