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Enjoy Surround Sound and Lifelike Images in Your Own Home Theater

Sony’s 100-inch BRAVIA XR X92 TV in a living area above a lit fireplace.

Experience the Immersive Cinematic Experience with a Multi-Channel Home Theater System

Whether upgrading your current home theater or just starting to delve into the possibilities in home entertainment spaces, sound and image are two of the most important considerations. No matter if your dream space is a designated home theater with plush tiered recliners and starlit ceilings or a media room with sectionals, gaming chairs, and a pool table in the back, both settings require the sound and image that take you into the unfolding scene.

Let’s explore the possibilities and the features of a multi-channel home theater.

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3 Reasons to Consider Smart Home Voice Control


Discover & Learn How This Voice Assistant Is Different from the Rest

Imagine walking into your home and having it respond to your needs after saying the words, “Okay, Josh, I’m home.” Interior lights illuminate a pathway throughout your living spaces, so you can safely walk around, and your favorite streaming radio station begins playing through your Steinway on-wall speakers. With smart home voice control technology, this - and more - is possible. 

Many homeowners have heard of Google, Siri, and Alexa, but have you heard of Josh? is a newer voice assistant in the smart home industry that’s catching quite a bit of attention, and for good reason. Keep reading below to discover three reasons you’ll enjoy adding this intuitive and privacy-minded voice control integration into your Orange County, CA home!

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How a Ketra Lighting Control System Can Enhance Your Home

A smart home with a Ketra lighting control system.

Create a More Comfortable and Inviting Space with Ketra Lighting  

Light has the power to make a space feel cold and unwelcoming or warm and inviting. When choosing a home lighting system, you must ensure that it can adapt tothe way you need it throughout the day. A Ketra lighting control system could be the perfect addition to your New Port Beach, CA, home. Ketra by Lutron gives you a better lighting experience and more control over your home. Keep reading to discover the Ketra difference.

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Is Steinway Lyngdorf More Like an Instrument or a Speaker?


How This Stunning Sound Solution Goes Beyond Simply a Speaker

When does a home media performance exceed your expectations? So often, we find our home entertainment subpar to the “real thing” - whether it’s a live concert, a professional studio playthrough of a favorite album, or a high-end theater outing. To take your home media to this level of quality, you need sound solutions that deliver an unparalleled performance every time you press play.

We highly recommend a stunning Steinway Lyngdorf system that goes beyond what you would even consider a “speaker” and instead reproduces music and media like an instrument would. Want to learn how this audio solution impresses and elevates your Newport Beach, CA home soundscape? Keep reading below.

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