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No Fluff, Just Authentic Sound

Dynaudio hand-crafted loudspeakers are made for music lovers—by music lovers. Enjoy the best and most authentic audio experience every time, no matter what you listen to.

No Fluff, Just Authentic Sound

Dynaudio hand-crafted loudspeakers are made for music lovers—by music lovers. Enjoy the best and most authentic audio experience every time, no matter what you listen to.


Bookshelf Speakers

Dynaudio bookshelf speakers are compact in size but big in sound. Experience bold, dynamic and detailed audio in small or medium-size rooms where space is limited.
Clear, Substantial Sound in a Small Package
Listen to your music the way it was meant to be heard.
Featured Speakers

Special Forty

The Special Forty features the same craftsmanship, attention to detail and authenticity that you’d expect from classic Dynaudio bookshelf speakers. But that’s not where the innovation ends. These award-winning passive hi-fi speakers have been remixed and remastered with cutting-edge acoustic technologies to deliver a truly outstanding sound performance in a compact yet elegant design. Choose from two stunning hand-made finishes—then sit back and enjoy.

Black Vine

    Ebony Wave

      Award Winning Speakers

      Heritage Special

      Just like their listeners, each of the limited-edition Heritage Special speaker pairs is unique. Everything from the cabinets to the drivers to the crossovers pay special tribute to traditional high-performance Danish audio design and engineering, resulting in top-shelf performance. Whether you wish to swing to jazz or rock your socks off, Heritage Special speakers bring out the best of your music with heart and spirit. If you wish to experience Heritage Special, hurry! Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

      American Walnut


        Floor Standing Speakers

        Soaring soundstage. Powerful dynamics. Exquisite design. These characteristics define Dynaudio’s high-fidelity floor-standing speakers, which boldly bring to life the audio in your music and movies.
        Fill the Room with Lifelike Sound
        When you close your eyes and listen, you’ll forget they’re even there.
        Featured Speakers

        Contour 60i

        Perfect for large listening rooms or home theaters, Dynaudio’s Contour 60i floor-standing speaker sounds even bigger than you’d expect. This full-size three-way loudspeaker is the only one in its family to have a dedicated midrange driver. Plus, it features newly designed woofers to deliver tighter bass at higher volumes. Delight in the delicate high frequencies of orchestral strings or feel the deep, thumping bass in your favorite action movie—and “turn it up to 11” without experiencing bass-heavy bluster.

        Black High Gloss

          Walnut Wood

            Grey Oak High Gloss


              Custom Speakers

              Do you crave the same authentic audio performance of Dynaudio speakers without the bulky boxes and wires? Dynaudio custom in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are for you.
              Celebrate the Sound, Hide the Hardware
              Enjoy high-performance audio without the footprint.

              Built for Any Entertainment in Any Space

              Dynaudio custom speakers are ideal for design-conscious music lovers who’d rather not choose box speakers that may take up too much space or hamper home décor. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers are discreetly fitted during new construction or renovation and can be set up for stereo, multi-channel or whole-home audio applications. For Laguna Beach homes of any shape or size, Dynaudio custom speakers perfectly suit your layout and feature aimable drivers so that your audio sounds perfect no matter where you sit.

              Sub RCC

              What about bass? If you want custom speakers for a home theater or listening room, the Sub RCC is a must-have addition to your system. This powerful sub installs in walls and ceilings and features Dynaudio’s Reactance Canceling Configuration (RCC) technology to eliminate vibration in the speaker and the surface it lives in. Experience clear, undistorted bass down to 16Kz. Like all Dynaudio custom speaker grilles, the Sub RCC grille can be painted to perfectly match your walls and ceilings for a seamless finish.
              • Sub RCC
              • Sub RCC

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                "I have been a customer of theirs for over twenty-three years. I would highly recommend them for any home theatre and medium to high end audio solution! "

                - Stuart B.

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                "They continue to perform for me over and over... I'd recommend them for all your home entertainment and internet equipment. 5 Stars!!"

                - Jim L.

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                "I spent a great afternoon at Atlantic with Tom Farinola and his associates... No rush, no pressure, just facts and performance."

                -  Ralph M.

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                "I have been working with Atlantic Home Entertainment for years. They are fantastic... I highly recommend them."

                - Cheryl B.

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                "Great place to get answers to all your audiophile questions. Authorized Focal, Sonos and Steinway dealer."

                - Chris B.

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                "I have always had a wonderful experience with Atlantic. In short: great products and wonderful service."

                - Eddie C.

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                "I love to talk about companies that do the right thing...Above and beyond, that is what inspires me to write reviews. Thanks!"

                - John C.

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