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Is Steinway Lyngdorf More Like an Instrument or a Speaker?


How This Stunning Sound Solution Goes Beyond Simply a Speaker

When does a home media performance exceed your expectations? So often, we find our home entertainment subpar to the “real thing” - whether it’s a live concert, a professional studio playthrough of a favorite album, or a high-end theater outing. To take your home media to this level of quality, you need sound solutions that deliver an unparalleled performance every time you press play.

We highly recommend a stunning Steinway Lyngdorf system that goes beyond what you would even consider a “speaker” and instead reproduces music and media like an instrument would. Want to learn how this audio solution impresses and elevates your Newport Beach, CA home soundscape? Keep reading below.

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The Excellence of Steinway Lyngdorf

For the purest of sound that surpasses anything you’ve experienced in your home before, Steinway Lyngdorf is here to deliver not just a reproduction of media - but a performance that feels like you’re listening to the artists live! Steinway Lyngdorf produces speakers and amplifiers that stay true to the original media, as it should and was intended to be heard.

Whether it’s a stereo setup or immersive audio installation, Steinway Lyngdorf can transform the experience entirely from a standard, in-home listening experience to one that stuns and supremely satisfies. With two professionally installed loudspeakers strategically placed, your home stereo system makes you feel like you’re sitting before a concert stage, hearing the music live and crystal-clear. It’s a pure and dynamic sound performance from solutions of the highest quality!

Of course, for films and shows, you crave that immersive audio setup that immediately transports you into the media’s world. Additional loudspeakers can create that surround soundscape while delivering every note of dialogue or music with high-fidelity quality you expect from Steinway Lyngdorf. As a result, you’ll feel the sweeping soundtrack and sound effects hit you like a music performance instead of something that’s simply part of the movie-viewing experience.

High-End Products Require Professional Installation

Bringing Steinway Lyngdorf sound solutions to your home requires help from the professionals. So let Atlantic Home Entertainment & Stereo assist! We’ll handle your speakers like the instruments they are, ensuring that we implement them perfectly - letting their RoomPerfect sound calibration measure the room acoustics and create the ultimate soundscape that accommodates your room’s unique interiors. Of course, we want the Steinway Lyngdorf quality to shine through in every space, and our trusted integrators guarantee this quality of installation every time.


Want to learn more about Steinway Lyngdorf for your audio? Upgrade your home stereo setup for a performance like you’ve never experienced before. Give our team at Atlantic Home Entertainment & Stereo a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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