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3 Reasons to Consider Smart Home Voice Control


Discover & Learn How This Voice Assistant Is Different from the Rest

Imagine walking into your home and having it respond to your needs after saying the words, “Okay, Josh, I’m home.” Interior lights illuminate a pathway throughout your living spaces, so you can safely walk around, and your favorite streaming radio station begins playing through your Steinway on-wall speakers. With smart home voice control technology, this - and more - is possible. 

Many homeowners have heard of Google, Siri, and Alexa, but have you heard of Josh? is a newer voice assistant in the smart home industry that’s catching quite a bit of attention, and for good reason. Keep reading below to discover three reasons you’ll enjoy adding this intuitive and privacy-minded voice control integration into your Orange County, CA home!

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1. Privacy Matters

Data is a hot commodity these days, and takes pride in giving voice-control users access and ownership of their personal data. The brand stands proudly behind not selling client information to third parties or using it for marketing purposes. Every account has strict password protection guidelines, and homeowners can completely delete all voice chat history and turn off microphones. Keep in mind, though, that the incorporated AI technology and natural language learning will not be as robust if you’ve locked down all data storage and learning functionality. Still, it is a beneficial possibility for privacy-minded homeowners.

2. Situational Awareness & Natural Language

Several other voice control platforms require very specific phrasing for coordinated technology responses. For example, you may have to tell the voice assistant that you want the smart lighting in the bedroom to dim instead of the dining room lighting. With a Josh Micro or Nano device, the system is intelligent enough to recognize which room you’re in, so you won’t need to remember long device requests or specify which room you want to operate. 

Instead, say, “Okay, Josh, let’s watch a movie,” and the system will know whether you’re in the main bedroom or the home theater space. Within seconds, the lights dim, the AV system fires up, shades lower to prevent glare, and all you need to do is sit down in your comfy recliner for a riveting movie night!

3. Hands-Free Smart Home Living

A smart home with voice control makes your daily life more convenient and comfortable without requiring you to lift a finger. The platform works alongside a long list of third-party devices, so you can incorporate this innovative new technology into your existing smart home or start from scratch with a newly built home. Our team can design, install, and support your smart home with ease, thanks to our years of industry experience.

Your Smart Home Partner

If you’re ready to explore voice control or other exciting smart home solutions, connect with our team today to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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