Home Theater Screen: Holiday Favorites

Having a family movie night! Consider one of these classic family films for great fun! These movies are appropriate for children of all ages but fun and entertaining for the adults in the family as well! So turn down your lights, grab some popcorn, and get ready for a fun family night with your home theater screen!

7 Family Movies To Watch on Your Home Theater Screen


  1. The Sandlot
    • This 1993 baseball film is a timeless classic certain to put a smile on your family’s faces. To add a touch of fun, have everyone wear a baseball cap and high socks.
  2. Frozen 
    • Let it Go! Let it Go! How could anyone ever get tired of the magical feeling you get when you’re watching Frozen? Don’t forget to bundle up with blankets and make some hot cocoa to enjoy during the film!
  3. Finding Nemo
    • Rumor has it there is a Finding Nemo sequel in the making. Make sure you’re ready to go see it when it hits the theatres by re-watchin the original on your home theater screen!
  4. Toy Story Trilogy
    • That’s right, just when we thought we’d cried all the tears we could, a fourth Toy Story is in fact in the making! Spend a Saturday watching them all and reliving the beautiful story with your familiar fun animated friends.
  5. Up
    • With it’s perfect mixture of being heartfelt and funny, Up is a great movie for all ages and the beautiful colors are sure to look great on your home theater screen.
  6. The Parent Trap
    • The Parent Trap is a great movie to watch in the summer, or when you’re longing for summer’s arrival. Spice up your movie night by encouraging your entire family buddy up with someone and dress as twins!
  7. Elf
    • It’s almost Christmas time and Santa is on his way. Watch Elf to follow Buddy on his journey from the North Pole to find his real dad and discover his place in life. Don’t forget your Christmas pajamas and snowflake onesies!