Custom Audio Video Installation

5 Easy Upgrades to Your Previous Custom Audio Video Installation


So you were ahead of the curve and you got a custom audio video installation home theater system ten years ago, weren’t you? And while it still operates on a functional level, I’m going to guess that it could use some fine-tuning. In 2001, it was top of the line and all that your friends could talk about and your kids begged to spend hours in your home theater after their homework was finished. Well, now that its nearing 2015, we’re going to guess that your kids are moved out, the wear and tear has taken the best of your furniture and maybe the sound system isn’t quite as “top-of-the-line” as it used to be. With your kids in college, you can’t justify a completely new home theater installation, but you don’t want to be stuck with the outdated situation that you have now. Well, we know your pain. And we have a solution. Here are a few minor upgrades that you can add to your previous custom audio video installation that can change your old school, outdated, theater system to one that is stylin’ and on top of the home theater game once again.


Television– The surest sign of an outdated home theater system is the television. In the early 2000s, the widescreens were big and bulky, and don’t get me wrong, they were ahead of their time for back then, but now its all about the thin, sleek, and high definition. For just a few hundred dollars or less, you can replace that gorging cube with a widescreen LED TV. Because they are so lightweight, they can easily be installed with little help. If you’re ready and willing to splurge, buying a smart LED TV could be a great option for your home and just what you need to bring your old school home theater system back to the future.


Furniture- The first time around that you installed your custom home theater system you were probably thinking more about space and durability than anything. Maybe now that there are less people in the house you’re looking to downsize but upgrade in comfort. If there are indeed less people in your house, consider doing away with the large luxurious couch-style seating area meant for your young kids and all of their friends and go with two, three, or four, luxurious movie seats meant for your spouse and your adult children for when they come home to visit. When choosing furniture the main two things to consider are comfort and aesthetics. Keep this in mind when you’re looking for your newest furniture addition to your home theater.


Decorations- Now that your home theater is most likely no longer for a bunch of kids, a makeover is probably in order. You don’t have to get too crazy, but maybe add a few pieces of art that change the atmosphere from being primarily for kids to something that can be enjoyed by you and your other adult friends. Keep in mind, a little redesign will go a long way.


Sound System – Sound systems are getting closer and closer to movie theater quality. Quality surround sound during a movie experience can transport you from your everyday life to being inside the movie with the actors in with action. The best available today is the 7.1 surround sound system, which is an eight-channel audio system that has two more speakers than you are probably used to. Adding this amazing audio to your home theater will go a long way in terms of making a sensible, yet effective upgrade.


Blu-Ray- Nowadays watching TV in anything other than HD, is pretty much unacceptable. While DVDs are great, adding a Blu-Ray system could be just what you need to bring your home theater’s quality to that next level. Blu-Ray video provides top of the line HD quality and makes your favorite movies that much better.


New Movies- Sick of watching Braveheart over and over? You should be. Now that you’ve made the necessary renovations to your home theater for your home movie-going experience, go splurge on a couple new movies! 2014 was filled with great movies that you should be dying to get your hands on! On a budget? Head on over Target and treat yourself to a bunch of five-dollar deals. Can’t go wrong there! Have a movie marathon with a few old favorites and new additions.


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