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Unleash the Emotion of Sound with Focal

Immerse yourself in the world of high-fidelity audio with our range of Focal products. Experience music and audio beyond traditional boundaries, awakening emotions through supreme sound quality.

Unleash the Emotion of Sound with Focal

Immerse yourself in the world of high-fidelity audio with our range of Focal products. Experience music and audio beyond traditional boundaries, awakening emotions through supreme sound quality.

High Fidelity

Experience the intimacy of your favorite music like never before with Focal's high-fidelity speakers. Designed to fill your home with unparalleled sound, these speakers reveal the true harmonic richness of every note, transforming your listening experience.

Sound That Invigorates

Explore Focal's range and elevate your audio experience today

  • Focal Speaker Utopia III Evo

    Utopia III Evo

    Experience the latest evolution of Focal's legendary high-end speaker with the Utopia III Evo. Integrating the latest acoustic innovations, these speakers deliver the endless pleasure of high-fidelity music, bringing the concert to your home.
  • Focal Speaker Sopra


    Designed within a beautifully sleek enclosure, the Sopra luxury speaker broadcasts details you’d never heard before for nuance and finesse that delivers an unprecedented sonic environment.
  • Focal Speaker Chorus 700

    Chrous 700

    The Chorus 700 makes true high-fidelity sound more accessible to everyone. Designed for music and film lovers, these speakers deliver high-quality sound without breaking the bank.
  • Focal Speaker Kanta


    Performance meets style with Kanta. These speakers offer uncompromising design focused on acoustic performance, making your listening experience a sonic and visual pleasure.
  • Focal Speaker Aria 900

    Aria 900

    Indulge in true high-end acoustics with the Aria 900. The unique flax speaker driver cones deliver harmonic richness with a clean, understated style.
  • Focal Speaker Aria K2

    Aria K2

    An iconic cone design meets high-end finishes in the Aria K2 line. Designed for both music and home cinema, these speakers meet all your audio needs with performance and style.
  • Focal Speaker Theva


    Powerful and assured, Theva speakers promise outstanding musical and home cinema experiences. Their sleek finishes add an elegant touch to any interior.
  • Focal Speaker Chora


    Making high-fidelity accessible, the Chora range brings Focal technology to all music lovers. These speakers offer quality sound and sleek design at an approachable price.
  • Focal Speaker Vestia


    Experience new aural emotions with Vestia. These speakers deliver the Focal purity of sound with even greater finesse and sound details, immersing you in music or home cinema.
  • Focal Speaker Subwoofer


    Focal's subwoofers flatter your music and film soundtracks with punchy, textured, and deep bass, creating high-impact music and home cinema experiences.
  • Focal AV Processor and Amplifier

    AV Amps

    The Astral 16 AV processor and amplifier lets you make the most of your hi-fi loudspeakers with support for 16 channels and high-end features. This high-end component creates a sensational and immersive surround sound experience.

Home Theater

Elevate your home cinema experience with Focal's home theater speakers. Designed to deliver refined and powerful audio, these speakers reveal all the layers of sound in today's best soundtracks. Hear your films and shows like never before.

Delight in Every Detail

Begin your Immersive Auditory Journey

  • Focal Speaker Aria K2

    Aria K2

    Experience cinema at home with Aria K2's iconic cone and high-end finish. Perfect for music and home cinema, these speakers deliver performance and style.
  • Focal Speaker Theva


    Theva loudspeakers deliver outstanding home cinema experiences. Powerful and assured, they provide an elegant touch to any interior with detailed, high-quality sound.
  • Focal Speaker Chora


    The Chora range brings affordable high-fidelity to home theaters. These speakers offer quality sound and sleek design, enhancing all your entertainment experiences.
  • Focal Speaker Vestia


    Immerse yourself in the home cinema experience with Vestia. These speakers deliver the Focal purity of sound with even greater finesse and sound details.
  • Focal Speaker Dome


    Enhance your home cinema installation with the compact and elegant Dôme. The unique design and high performance make it the perfect companion for your movie passion.
  • Focal Speaker Sib Evo

    Sib Evo

    Discover Sib Evo, the latest version of the compact speaker that revolutionized home cinema sound with Dolby Atmos® technology. Get ready to rediscover your favorite films like you've never heard them before.
  • Focal Subwoofer


    Focal's subwoofers give scale and depth to your multi-channel audio-visual experience. Essential components of any home cinema sound system, they add richness to every octave and impact to every soundtrack.
  • Focal AV Processor And Amplifier

    AV Amps

    The Astral 16 creates a three-dimensional sound field to fully immerse you in your movies. With 16 channels of processing and state-of-the-art features, it's the perfect component to power your Focal home cinema speakers.

Custom Integration

Experience the harmony of high-fidelity sound and architectural elegance with Focal's custom integration speakers. Designed to be discreet yet mighty, these in-wall and in-ceiling speakers bring Focal's unrivaled acoustics to your home or public space without compromising on aesthetics.

Sound and Design in Harmony

Discover the magic of Focal built-in loudspeakers

  • 1000 Series

    The 1000 Series embodies Focal's unique savoir-faire, offering unparalleled performance and multiple configurations. Experience sensational stereo and home cinema reproduction with these built-in speakers.
  • 300 Series

    Designed to give a new dimension to your music, the 300 Series built-in loudspeakers deliver precise and natural sound. Ideal for creating an all-encompassing atmosphere in your home cinema setup.
  • 100 Series

    Exceptionally discreet, the 100 Series provides a concrete solution for your sound system at home or work. Music becomes part of your everyday life with these built-in speakers.
  • On Wall 300

    The allure of the On Wall 300 wall-mounted loudspeakers lies in their sleek design, beveled silhouette, flax cone, and incredible sound. They are designed for stereo and home cinema use.
  • 100-T Series

    The 100-T Series delivers Focal's quality sound signature in public spaces. With the addition of a transformer, these loudspeakers can cover a vast listening area.
  • Littora

    Bring high-end sound quality to your outdoor spaces with Littora. These speaker drivers and loudspeakers are as high-performing as they are as discreet, hard-wearing, and elegant.
  • Audio Video Processor and Amplifier

    Treat yourself to a sensational home cinema experience with Astral 16. Incorporating cutting-edge technologies and features, this versatile component delivers a powerful, immersive surround sound experience at home.


    Step into a world of intimate and passionate listening with Focal's sophisticated headphones. Designed to transport you to the heart of the music, Focal headphones dissolve boundaries, opening up a world of new emotions.

    A Symphony for Your Ears

    Dive into the heart of the sound

    For Home

    Experience the luxury of personal luxury listening with Focal's home headphones. Crafted for the discerning audiophile, these headphones deliver an intimate journey into the heart of your favorite music, wherever you are most comfortable.
    • Focal Headphones Utopia


    • Focal Headphones Celestee


    • Focal Headphones Clear


    • Focal Headphones Clear MG

      Clear MG

    • Focal Headphones Elegia


    • Focal Headphones Stellia


    • Focal Headphones Radiance


      For Travel

      Take your music with you wherever you go with Focal's travel headphones. Combining high-fidelity sound with optimal comfort, these headphones are your perfect companion for an immersive listening experience on the move.
      • Focal Headphones Bathys


      • Focal Headphones Celestee


      • Focal Headphones Stellia


      • Focal Headphones Radiance


        For Pro

        Focal's professional headphones are made to exceed the expectations of the most demanding studios. Engineered for precision and neutrality, these headphones are the trusted choice of artists and sound engineers for a perfect mix.
        • Focal Headphones Clear MG Professional

          Clear MG Professional

        • Focal Headphones Listen Professional

          Listen Professional

          Cables and Accessories

          Enhance your headphone experience with Focal's range of cables and accessories. Designed to optimize your audio performance, these accessories ensure you get the most out of your Focal headphones.
          • Headphone hardshell carrying case

            Hard Shell Carrying Case

          • Headphone Stand

            High Fidelity Headphone Stand

          • Utopia Ear Pads

            Utopia Ear Pads



            Welcome to the world of NAIM Audio, where over 46 years of British audio engineering excellence culminates in a range of audio products that offer a listening experience far above the ordinary.

            Experience uncompromised listening experiences

            Discover the excellence of NAIM

            Superior Sound Solutions

            NAIM Audio, part of Focal, offers a wide range of audio products, including all-in-one systems, integrated players, and separates. Their product lines include the Mu-so 2nd Generation, Uniti, SI Series, XS Series, Classic Series, 500 Series, and Statement. Each line is designed to provide a unique and superior listening experience, leveraging decades of British audio engineering excellence. Whether you're looking for streaming and multiroom audio, turntables, CD players, digital to analog converters, or amplifiers, NAIM Audio has a high-performance solution for your listening pleasure.

            445 E 17th St. Suite A
            Costa Mesa, CA 92627
            (949) 646-8895

            Monday - Friday: 10AM - 5PM
            Saturday: Please call (949) 646-8895 for an appointment
            • Review

              "I have been a customer of theirs for over twenty-three years. I would highly recommend them for any home theatre and medium to high end audio solution! "

              - Stuart B.

            • Review

              "They continue to perform for me over and over... I'd recommend them for all your home entertainment and internet equipment. 5 Stars!!"

              - Jim L.

            • Review

              "I spent a great afternoon at Atlantic with Tom Farinola and his associates... No rush, no pressure, just facts and performance."

              -  Ralph M.

            • Review

              "I have been working with Atlantic Home Entertainment for years. They are fantastic... I highly recommend them."

              - Cheryl B.

            • Review

              "Great place to get answers to all your audiophile questions. Authorized Focal, Sonos and Steinway dealer."

              - Chris B.

            • Review

              "I have always had a wonderful experience with Atlantic. In short: great products and wonderful service."

              - Eddie C.

            • Review

              "I love to talk about companies that do the right thing...Above and beyond, that is what inspires me to write reviews. Thanks!"

              - John C.

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