2.1 Home Theater System

2.1 Home Theater System

The movies are brought home and the popcorn is popped. Everyone is excited about seeing the newest release that they missed while it was in the theater. The movie begins to play and everyone leans in to listen to hear what the actors are saying. This is the moment to upgrade to the movie theater sound quality for home.

The 2.1 home theater system is the one that will help bring that sound from the film to life.


There may be many speakers and wires to work with when you are setting up your home theater so it is important to stay organized and thorough. With that being said there are different options of the 2.1 home theater system to purchase and there are many that do not have dozens of wires and chaos to sort through.

There is always help that you can call for though and we are more than willing to be there to help you install your dream home theater.


You want to find the superb sound that will awaken yourself when you want to find the ideal zone to be in for your home theater. The 2.1 theater home system is just that and it can be found quickly and easily.

Here at Atlantic Stereo, we want to make sure the quality is what you want and expect it to be. So there is not a problem in working closely with you to find you and your family’s ideal theater system.


There are many price options when choosing a home theater system and it doesn’t have to be the same for everyone, the 2.1 theater system can range from $279 to $600 and above depending on the type you are looking for.

The next time you sit down with your family and friends to watch the latest release of The Hobbit or re-watch the entire Star Wars series to prepare for the new release you will be prepared for the movie theater quality sound right from your own home.