Custom Audio Installation

Home theater systems make for fun, awesome, and sophisticated additions to any home.  When designing your home theater system it’s not only important to consider what you’re looking at, but also how you’re listening to it. While it’s important to consider When it comes to your custom audio installation for your home theater system, you may think that the only thing you need to do is pick out a decent brand for your speaker system. Well, if you really want to maximize your home theater experience, there are a few more things that you should consider when it comes to your custom audio installation.

Custom Audio Installation in Four Parts

Acoustical Panels

  • Acoustical Panels are to help play the audio at the level that you desire without worrying if the people in the room next door are being bothered. They focus the sound towards the room that they are in and are an effective form of soundproofing the walls.


Amplifiers produce a louder option for your home theatre system. There are many different types of amplifiers for you to consider when designing your custom audio installation:

  • Two Channel amplifiers- often known as stereo amplifiers and can be operated in bridge or parallel mode.
  • Multi-channel amplifiers – includes a sound decoder, a radio tuner, and other features that are essential to building a home theater
  • Integrated amplifiers – have electronic devices that include a audio preamplifier and power amplifier
  • Pre amplifiers/Processors- these help to create a surround sound atmosphere in your home theater similar to being at the actual movie theater


  • Sub-woofers are a component of a speaker that helps to produce very low bass frequencies and can be installed either in the wall or can stand alone

Wireless Technology

  • Wireless technology makes everything simpler and ads to the efficiency of your custom audio installation.


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