Home Cinema Centers

Going to the movie theater as a family is no longer a fun, simple, and inexpensive outing. For a family of four, tickets can cost total up to $60 to get in the door and an additional $20 to $80 just getting a decent snack and beverage in each person’s hand. If that isn’t enough, if you’re going to see a new blockbuster, you’re faced with the task of arriving early or suffering from the front row straining your neck and your eyes to see the screen.  More and more people are installing home cinema centers in their home, and while it is true that new movies are often not available outside of the theaters – the turnaround rate for movies from theater to DVD has sped up a great deal in the past few years. With that being said, a night at home in your home cinema center, often is a more cost effective, fun, and family oriented experience.

Home Cinema Centers: Tips

Here are some easy ways to get your night started:

  1. Get some movie watchers!

Invite your favorite people over for a night in or make it a family night! Be sure to pick a film that you all want to see. Try making Murder Mystery Mondays or Sci-Fi Fridays a tradition!

  1. Make the tummies happy!

Head to your nearest grocery store and stock up! The best part of any fun evening is the endless ice cream and popcorn!

  1. Spice it up!

Add some flare to your evening by adding some movie trivia for people to answer, or if it’s a scary movie have everyone assign themselves to a character and see who makes it out alive in the end!

Home cinema centers are a great way to amp up any living room, bedroom, or entertainment room situation. The experience of watching your favorite movie with a group of friends can be taken from good to amazing with a few simple additions to your living room to create your own personal home cinema center. Atlantic Stereo, a Home Theater Installation company in Orange County, provides custom home cinema centers that are sure to get the party started in your home.

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