How to Design a Home Theater

Home theaters seem ideal in the long lines that are at the movie theater and the stresses of not only paying for expensive movie tickets but purchasing food and drinks, even gas to get to the theater.


Creating the ambience of a movie theater in a home can make it less expensive than it would be by attending a movie theater.


A home theater in Orange County, right next to Hollywood, heart of the movie making industry is almost a necessity when wanting to catch up on the most recent films.


Designing a home theater system in Orange County may seem quite simple but with so many various options it could be difficult to make a correct decision.


How to Design a Home Theater: The Parts


Theater Room: An extra room or a living room are both easy and ideal places to create a cozy home theater.


Sound System: There are many various options when it comes to a sound system. It can be the basic speakers that come with your television or you can go all out and base the speakers out of the ceiling and have the sounds come from all around.


Projection System: There are different options for viewing when it comes to the screen. The least expensive is the route of a widescreen television and a DVD player.


The other option would be full blown theater style and investing in a projection screen and projection player. This option would work well with the multi-level seating so that the projection could be directly placed on the screen without getting people’s shadows in the way.


Concessions: If you are a concessions fanatic at the theater, purchasing a popcorn machine can make the magic of a home theater come to life.


Seating: Whether it is purchasing luxurious theater seats or simply sofas whatever fits your personal lifestyle is the best way to go.

How to Design a Home Theater: The Extras

If you have the option of having various level seating it may be best to invest in luxurious theater seats. Some even come in lovestyle designs so you can spread out if you decide.


The perks of having a home theater is that if you need to use the restroom, grab a bite or take a phone call, is that you can pause the movie. You can bring a blanket and watch the movies in your pajamas without having to get dressed to go out to the theater.

No matter if your home theater is a living room or a viewing room, like in all of those reality television shows and movies, you can spend time with family and friends without spending as much as you would to go to the theater.
So grab your favorite snacks, get comfy and press play. Let the movie begin.

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